Our Team

Team OTI

In Orient Traders International, we have a highly skilled and qualified team, able to respond to the highest quality standards that our customers demand from us. As a team, we not only promise but also deliver to make a difference in animal health by providing products and services that are reliable and valuable. We always work to build relationships and earn trust by delivering the utmost in support with integrity and professionalism.Our youth and our tenacity, together with our personal and professional commitment, as well as the experience given by more than 20 years of history of the company, constitute another guarantee offered by Orient Traders International. Following are few of the activities that that are central to our marketing strategy:


Seminars are conducted on an ongoing basis to brief the targeted audience about the product. A representative from foreign manufacturer or other related field experts present their experiences on the characteristics and performance of the product when used in different environments and with different methods.

Development and distribution of Product Brochures/Literature:

In order to provide awareness to consumers, brochures and other product related literature is developed (in native language and English) and distributed on regular basis.

Technical Support:

A qualified veterinary doctor is always a part of branch offices marketing team. He helps in demonstrating the farmers how the product is used (practically) and to answer all the queries. Free sampling of the products is also done so that the farmers can utilize the products and can be confident to see the positive result.

Clinical Tests:

Clinical tests and field trials are central to Orient Traders International's pursuit of all-round excellence. Helped by perfect conditions (the natural, clean, pollution-free environments), plus the diligence and expertise of the R & D team, products are thoroughly tested for effectiveness and the date complied for registration purposes.