Welcome To Orient Traders International

We are engaged in import & distribution of veterinary pharmaceutical since 1999, providing quality products and efficient services to our customers in every region of Pakistan. We have developed our repute by collaborating closely with our customers and building strong partnerships in an effort to improve the health of animals. With the aim to provide quality veterinary pharmaceuticals in the market of Pakistan, we only do business with companies who are known for manufacturing quality veterinary pharmaceuticals and conform to the principals of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This perspective has made us in becoming the best choice of our customers.

We have a highly skilled and qualified team, able to respond to the highest quality standards that our customers demand from us. As a team, we not only promise but also deliver to make a difference in animal health by providing products and services that are reliable and valuable. We always work to build relationships and earn trust by delivering the utmost in support with integrity and professionalism.

Our youth and our tenacity, together with our personal and professional commitment, as well as the experience given by more than 10 years of history of the company, constitute another guarantee offered by Orient Traders International.